Download Wallet (Beta)

The FootballCoin Wallet is a free wallet you can use to receive or send XFC Coin and FootballCoin assets, such as player cards and stadium cards.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a lot like a physical wallet, it’s where you keep your crypto coins and assets safe.

The wallet contains your private key which allow you to spend the XFC coins allocated to it in the FootballCoin blockchain and the address that allow you to receive XFC coins from other people. The wallet also shows you the total balance of all coins and assets it controls just like a real wallet.

How to use the XFC wallet 2.x

    How to use the XFC wallet 1.0.x (Old version)

    1. Download the wallet version you need from the options above.
    2. Install the wallet on your computer. Double click on the .exe file and follow the set-up instructions.
    3. Once installed, open the wallet.
    4. You can set up a password to add extra security to your wallet. But you can also skip this step or simply do it later, by clicking OK without entering a password.
    5. Get your private key. A private key is a secret piece of data that proves your right to spend the coins from your wallet. From the tools menu, click Export Keys. Save the key file on your computer. Be very careful! Your private key allows you to make payments from your wallet so it’s very important to never reveal your key to anyone else. Imagine this key is like your bank card pin, only you should have it. You can keep a hard copy of the key by printing it on a piece of paper, you can copy it to a flash drive or you can store it in your computer, the choice is yours. Just remember that anyone who has this key and your wallet passcode (if you decide to use one) can make transfers from your wallet.
    6. Get your public key. When you receive XFC Coins of FootballCoin assets in your wallet you will use a public key that the person transferring you the assets must use. It is the only information you need to provide for someone to pay you with XFC. You can set up you receive address keys form View/Receive address.