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FootballCoin is sponsoring a first league football team

FootballCoin is sponsoring a first league football team

FootballCoin is one of the main sponsors of a first league football team in Romania. Politehnica Iași is the proud Romanian team which decided to step into the future and had agreed on a partnership with FootballCoin, the first fantasy football game built entirely on blockchain. What does this mean for XFCCoin?

Poli Iași, the representative of the Moldova region in Liga 1

Officially formed in 2010, Poli Iași is the most important football club from the NE of Romania. The club had its struggles to get to the first league and in 2016 managed to qualify in the preliminary stages for Europa League.

The team has some famous footballers in Romania, but also some foreign players.

Poli Iași is the first Romanian football club to be sponsored by a cryptocurrency start-up

Poli Iași, a top tier of Romanian domestic football, has become the first Romanian football team sponsored by a blockchain game.

The FootballCoin team hopes this partnership will help in building a stronger public image for blockchain, in general, on the local market and worldwide. XFC, the official cryptocurrency of the game, is now closer in creating a bridge between the world of live sports and fantasy games.

FootballCoin is a 3-year old project, acquiring its audience organically, and aims to build a bridge between the football world and the blockchain world and to spread awareness on the functionalities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is the only fully functional blockchain game and amongst the few of its kind to integrate cryptocurrencies into its economy.

As the game is being constantly improving and new versions are being released with each football season. An improved gameplay and user interface is on its way, as well as a lot more benefits for FootballCoin’s managers.

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