Multichain Node

Connecting to the FootballCoin Blockchain

Being a reference Multichain implementation, you can connect to the blockchain by using the standard Multichain client and using any of the available commands.

The FootballCoin blockchain is configured so that anyone can connect to the blockchain and send or receive the native currency, XFC Coin, and assets.

To connect to the FootballCoin blockchain using the Multichain client you need to run this command: multichaind [email protected]:7269

Here are the key parameters of the FootballCoin blockchain:

  • Chain name: FBCCHAIN
  • Protocol version: 10008
  • Total coin supply in XFC: 1 000 000 000
  • Target block time: 30s
  • Maximum block size: 8388608b
  • Permission type: Anyone can connect, send or receive
  • Consensus for creating/removing administrator nodes: 0.6
  • IP ports for peer-to-peer communication and the JSON-RPC API: 7269 and 7268
  • The transaction verification is done through FootballCoin appointed mining nodes
  • Maximum metadata per transaction (OP_RETURN): 2097152b
  • Maximum standard transaction size: 4194304b
  • Number of decimals: 8