Project Roadmap

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Or to put it in sports terms: our game plan.

We are in an ongoing process of expanding and improving our platform functionalities and game features, as we believe in the future of our gaming platform and its global adoption.

Here is what we achieved so far, and our plans for the near future.

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Q1 2018

  • DigitalTokens exchange launched with XFC listed – done
  • New Blockchain for XFC with fast transactions and low fees – done
  • Wallets for Windows, MacOs and Linux – done
  • 3:1 Bonus to the initial supporters – done
  • Swap from Counterparty to the Footballcoin Blockchain – done
  • Contacting exchanges to list the new XFC token – done
  • Being listed on external crypto exchanges – in progress, pending
  • Football Players Wiki – in progress
  • Website major design upgrade – in progress
  • Upgrade of the UI/UX for the contest section – in progress
  • Upgrade of the UI/UX for the statistics – in progress
  • Major Upgrade of the UI/UX for the cards market with new features to be added – in progress
  • Major Upgrade of the UI/UX for the create team with an improved interface and much faster player selection – in progress
  • Upgrade of the player cards with more useful information to be displayed – in progress
  • XFC added to Coinmarketcap – in progress
  • Android mobile app – in progress

Q2 2018

  • Integration of Player Cards page with Wiki, market section, market statistics and player statistics
  • Market UI/UX Upgrade and more features integrated
  • Trade statistic chart for DigitalTokens – in progress
  • Further upgrade of the UI/UX for the cards market – not started
  • Major website content upgrade – not started
  • Marketing campaign – in progress
  • Wallet for Android – not started
  • New leagues added – not started
  • IoS app – not started
  • Wallet for IoS – not started
  • Payment Gateway – not started


To be continued.