FootballCoin ICO


XFC is the registered cryptocurrency of FootballCoin, used for in-game transactions.

ICO started at 11:00 GMT on 24 May 2017 and lasted 30 days or until a maximum of 150 million XFCCOIN was distributed.

XFC was sold through the Tokenly Swapbot in the FootballCoin Wallet.

The minimum quantity was 1 000 XFCCOIN = 0.012 BTC (1XFCCOIN = 1200 satoshi)

The following discounts were available for this purchase:

  • 2% for 10 000 XFCCOIN
  • 3% for 25 000 XFCCOIN
  • 5% for 50 000 XFCCOIN
  • 8% for 100 000 XFCCOIN
  • 11% for 250 000 XFCCOIN
  • 15% for 500 000 XFCCOIN

The FootballCoin ICO followed a “first come, first serve” model, offering an attractive opportunity for early participants to lay their hands on some of the limited assets like player cards and stadium cards.

People could use FootballCoin wallet or any “Counterwallet” (Counterparty, Coindaddy, IndieSquare, etc.) to purchase the XFCCOIN from swapbot.




XFC were issued in a limited supply of 1 billion on Counterparty platform (a Bitcoin-blockchain based platform).


In January 2018 we launched a new blockchain – Multichain – and a new exchange to support. Also, a new wallet that supports both XFC and game assets – player cards and stadium cards – was launched.


A new blockchain was the best solution in terms of fees and transactions speed.

ANX International developed the exchange. ANX also provides support and help manage the exchange. It’s important to know that both the exchange and the game are set on the same blockchain.


New Wallet

All users are advised to download and use the new wallet, available on

The FootballCoin Wallet is a free wallet you can use to receive or send XFC Coin and FootballCoin assets, such as player cards and stadium cards.

The wallet contains your private key which allow you to spend the XFC coins allocated to it in the FootballCoin blockchain and the address that allows you to receive XFC coins from other people. The wallet also shows you the total balance of all coins and assets it controls just like a real wallet


3:1 Swap

We provided a 3:1 conversion of XFCCOIN from Counterparty to the new blockchain. In other words, anybody who owned 1 XFCCOIN received 3 XFC when the swap to the new blockchain was implemented. If the XFCCOIN was stored in the Counterparty platform, token holders needed to move it to the game account to benefit from this conversion ratio.

The conversion keeps the same ratio for the player cards regardless of rank.

Stadium cards owners get to keep their cards and receive a nice amount of XFC, as follows:

  • stadium cards ranked 5 stars will receive 500,000 XFC
  • stadium cards ranked 4 stars will receive 300,000 XFC
  • stadium cards ranked 3 stars will receive 150,000 XFC


XFC economy after the swap

XFCCOIN was generated in a limited supply of 1,000,000,000 units using the Counterparty platform, and the total amount remained unchanged after the swap. The 200 million XFCCOIN that were initially distributed became 600 million XFC on the new blockchain, according to the 3 to 1 swap.

The remaining 400 million units were distributed according to the initial plan:

  • 200 million were assigned to further development of the project, partners, team members, advertising, promotions etc.
  • The other 200 million XFC went to the founders of FootballCoin.

The swap benefit therefore gave existing XFC owners a higher stake in the FootballCoin economy.


XFC can be used in the following ways:

  • To pay the taxes for entering certain competitions that require an entry fee;
  • To purchase football player cards;
  • To purchase stadium cards;
  • For transactions on the crypto market;
  • To be exchanged to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on FootballCoin’s own cryptocurrency on and other exchange platforms (when available);

Users can come to own XFC COIN in the following ways:

  • Exchanging it on using Bitcoin or other digital currency;
  • Win prizes and bonuses offered through game competitions;
  • Promotions set up through marketing campaigns.