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XFC COIN is registered crypto currency of FootballCoin

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Introducing the XFC Wallet 2.0

XFC Wallet 2.0 has been released. Here is all the information that you need to start using the wallet to securely use your FootballCoin cryptocurrency.

What is XFC Wallet 2.0?


The FootballCoin Wallet is a free wallet you can use to receive or send XFC Coin and FootballCoin assets, such as player cards and stadium cards.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a lot like a physical wallet. It’s where you keep your crypto coins and assets safe.

The wallet contains your private key, which allows you to spend the XFC coins allocated to it in the FootballCoin blockchain and the address that allows you to receive XFC coins from other people. The wallet also shows you the total balance of all coins and assets it controls, just like a real wallet.

Pros of using XFC Wallet 2.0


The XFC Wallet 2.0 has an improved design and functionality over the previous versions. The main advantages of using the wallet are:

  • Storing XFC – The crypto wallet allows users to store their XFC currency and the private keys necessary to access them. These private keys enable users to control and access their funds.
  • Security – The XFC wallet’s security features help protect against theft and hacking. The wallet uses password protection and encryption
  • Providing backup and recovery – Using the private keys or the mnemonic phrase, the wallet can be accessed if the device previously used to open the wallet has been compromised. In this way, funds can always be accessed, provided that the user has their security information
  • Managing transactions and monitoring XFC balance – The XFC wallet helps provide updated information regarding XFC transactions. Furthermore, the wallet can be used to offer a quick snapshot of winnings in the FootballCoin game
  • Ease of use – The wallet is easily downloadable and simple to operate

How to use the XFC Wallet


The wallet can be downloaded and run with ease from the official XFC website.

Here are the steps you can follow to make the best of all of the wallet’s features:

Step 1: Downloading the XFC crypto wallet


The wallet can easily be downloaded and run from the official XFC website.

  • Choose the operating system that you’re using and click “download”
  • Save the software, and run the file “XFCWallet”
  • Adjust security settings to verify developer trustworthiness if unable to open file (For example, for MacOS, go to “System Preferences” > “Security & Privacy” > “General” and make the required adjustment)
  • Complete installation process

Step 2: Setting up a new wallet


  • Choose “Create Wallet” from the main menu
  • You will be provided with a unique mnemonic phrase. Write down your mnemonic phrase (preferably in physical form). Make sure that you keep the information private and secure
  • Choose a wallet password. It must include at least 9 symbols. Make sure that your password is also kept private and secure. This information will be required to access and use the wallet
  • Click for acknowledgement and choose “Next Step”
  • Rewrite your mnemonic phrase
  • Click “Create New Wallet”
  • You can now use all of the features of the XFC Wallet 2.0

Step 3: Exporting a private key


For this purpose, you must:

  • Click “export private key” from the wallet’s main menu
  • Copy and safely store the private key information

Exporting your private key allows you to create a backup for your wallet and migrate your information from one device to another.

Additionally, you can use multiple wallets provided you have access to your private keys or can use the wallet information for auditing purposes.

Step 4: Importing an existing XFC wallet (mnemonic phrase, private key, wallet file)


Next, to import your wallet information, you must:

  • Open XFC Wallet
  • Click “Import Wallet”
  • Click “Enter Private Key”
  • Input your private key information and password
  • Additionally, you can import a wallet using your secure 24-word mnemonic phrase or by uploading the saved wallet file

Using this security information to access your wallet means that you don’t need to worry about losing or compromising a device on which you are using your wallet. You can simply import your wallet, along with the funds, balance or transaction history, using the security info or the saved wallet file. In many ways, this makes this software crypto wallet a more easy-to-use solution than a hardware wallet alternative

Step 5: Receiving XFC currency


One of the main purposes of this wallet is to facilitate the simple transfer of XFC funds to/from the FootballCoin game.

The steps required to send XFC to the wallet are:

  • Enter your FootballCoin game account
  • Click on your XFC balance in the upper right corner and click “Withdraw XFC”. Or, go to “My Account” – “My Wallet” – “Withdraw XFC”
  • Choose the amount of XFC you wish to withdraw, your XFC Wallet Address and your 2FA information
  • To retrieve your XFC Wallet Address, click “Receive coins/Assets” from the wallet’s menu. Copy the address or scan the QR code
  • You will need to confirm the transaction via e-mail. Otherwise, the transaction will be reversed in 30 minutes time
  • Your withdrawal confirmation will be associated with a unique hash number. It acts in a similar way to a store receipt
  • The sum should soon show in the wallet’s balance (right side of the menu)

Step 6: Sending XFC currency to the wallet


The process of sending XFC from the wallet toward the game account is similar.

Here are the steps that you’ll need to follow:

  • Open existing wallet using the security information
  • Click “Send Coins/Assets” from the main menu
  • Choose “Coins,” along with the amount you wish to send and the game wallet’s address
  • In order to retrieve the game wallet’s address, you must go back to your game account. Go to “My Account” – “My Wallet” – “Add XFC.” Copy your game wallet address or scan the QR code
  • Click “Send.” You will receive a tx hash number
  • The funds should appear in the balance of your game wallet within the next few minutes.

Note that FootballCoin transactions are made on the game’s own blockchain. This uses multichain technology. It is what allows transactions to be extremely fast and affordable.

Step 7: Storing assets


The storing assets option will become active in the near future. This will allow you to transfer and safely store FootballCoin digital assets. This feature is displayed on the main menu of the wallet.

These digital assets are cards representing players and stadiums. They’re used in the game to create teams and host fantasy football contests. The cards can increase the potential to earn XFC cryptocurrency through the game’s daily fantasy football contests.

Step 8: Verifying transactions


The software can also be used to monitor transactions to/from the XFC wallet.

To check the information, simply click “Transactions” from the main menu. You will be provided with a full report that you can easily filter through. Each transaction carries its unique transaction ID.

Where to store XFC


  1. XFC Wallet

The XFC Wallet allows FootballCoin users to easily and safely store and access their funds and (in the future) their digital assets. By using your private keys and security information, users can access the wallet from any desktop device

  1. Game Wallet

FootballCoin users can win XFC rewards on a daily basis. The game wallet is convenient to use and fully secure. Furthermore, funds can be used to access digital assets through the FootballCoin Marketplace or can be used to enter private contests.

  1. Exchange account

Funds may also be transferred to a crypto exchange where XFC is traded. For this, we recommend using the WhiteBit exchange.

At the time of writing, XFC/USDT and XFC/EUR pairs are available. WhiteBit has a deposit limit of a minimum of 600 XFC.

Using XFC in FootballCoin

The XFC cryptocurrency powers the FootballCoin ecosystem. Users are able to earn XFC rewards upon entering and being among the top performers in daily FootballCoin contests. The currency may also be purchased through the site or from a crypto exchange.

Users are able to take advantage of their XFC funds in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Investing in digital assets (player and stadium cards). These can help their earning potential in the future
  • Entering private fantasy football contests
  • Purchasing GOLD in-game currency through which 2* can be leased
  • By leasing cards, selling them, organising contests etc., users are able to earn even more XFC cryptocurrency

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